20 april



It’s a block for the most passionate cinephiles and for for those who are just about to make their first encounter with cinema and who, due to their young age, might not even suspect the beauty of movies made with Super 8 and 16-millimeter film. Those films, full of poetry, full of freedom and magic, remind us to which extent every celluloid shot was permeated with love during the pre-digital era.


Ecce Homo
Dimitar Kutmanov
UK, Romania / 2015, 30 min

In a godforsaken place young Ada and her ill mother live in solitude and destitution. They bear the heavy load of being bound together into a silent communion. Their quiet life slowly flows like a wordless ritual and hides under the seemingly still surface the cold tides of misery and apprehension of the inevitable. Тhe mother's health deteriorates things escalate into a spiritual crisis which unleashes the whirling forces of fear and despair. As the light within is about to perish the fabric of reality melts into an oneiric realm of apparitions. We witness a cathartic descent into the abyss, liberation from fear, a mystical sacrament and eventually- death…or perhaps – a miracle.


Iron Condor
Meredith Lackey
United States / 2015, 10 min

Iron Condor presents the sensible evidence of the Chicago Futures and Options Exchange from grain to data. The film takes its name from an option trading strategy whose profit/loss graph resembles a large bird. Static objects contend with a virtual atmosphere that renders the physical obsolescent.

Motu Maeva
Maureen Fazendeiro
France / 2014, 42 min

A portrait of Sonja, adventurer of the twentieth century, living on an island that she built by herself : Motu Maeva.

Behemoth - or the Name of God.jpg

Behemoth - or the Name of God
Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese
Lesotho / 2015, 13 min

An itinerant preacher proclaims to people that their god is in the very coffin he is dragging along.


New Life
Kiro Russo
Bolivia / 2015, 16 min

Mysteries, anxieties and dreams of a new life.