21 april



Dear Director - PRESS IMAGE Dear Director - PRESS IMAGE

Dear Director
Marcus Lindeen
Sweden / 2015, 14 min

In 1980 American jazz pianist Kazzrie Jaxen watches Ingmar Bergman’s FROM THE LIFE OF THE MARIONETTES. Afterwards she writes him a sixteen-page letter explaining how the film changed her life. It had started a dramatic inner journey which made her understand that she is not alone in her own body: hidden inside a small lump of fat under her skin rest the remains of her unborn twin. DEAR DIRECTOR is based on a real fan letter written to Bergman that Swedish director Marcus Lindeen found while doing research on unfinished Bergman scripts for a play.


William Laboury
France / 2015, 21 min

They told me: “You have a gift, Martha. Down here, your gift is useless. So we're going to show you the most beautiful things. You're going to have more memories than everyone else. And then, you will sleep. You won't wake up. But you will carry the most precious memories from Earth.”

HOTARU is a story about science-fiction, memories and dreams, made from youtube videos, google earth and virtual tours.


Hugo Radi
Switzerland / 2015, 19 min

During his leave, a young recruit comes back to his hometown, Geneva. He meets up with two of his closest friends. They wander around the streets. From empty spaces to maximal comfort. They look at this city and wonder what to do here.

A Few Seconds.jpg

A Few Seconds
Nora El Hourch
France / 2015, 16 min

The daily life of 5 girls living in a hosting center in Paris. All haunted by their heavy past (rape, violence, abandonment), they even try to move forward. They all try to progress, except one: Sam.


O Guardador
Rodrigo Areias
Portugal / 2015, 17 min

Constantino works as a keeper of flocks during the day and as a keeper of a museum during the night. He works continuously as he has nowhere to live. Aurora passes by him every morning and at the end of the day. One day she is brave enough to talk to him.