24 april



KISFF tells you quite frankly – no one needs you in the whole world, except your family. The good news is that no one needs your family either, except you. The films from this block will tell you much of the same, though their approach will be a lot less trite and straightforward.


Home's Sound
Maxime Kathari
Switzerland / 2015, 14 min

Before leaving for Europe, a young Brasilian student spends the last moments at home with her mother. An atmospheric snapshot, in which a hug and a chat express the mutual love between mother and daughter.

Son in the Barbershop.jpeg

Son in the Barbershop
Nathan Douglas
Canada / 2015, 7 min

A teenager overhears a phone call and inserts himself into the father-son story behind it. As this strange "conversation" develops, two separately wounded lives slowly wind into a double helix of pain, regret, and filial love.


Pavel Vesnakov
Bulgaria / 2015, 30 min

His father's death urges Zeus to organize the funeral. He contacts his half-brother Vassil, who turned his back to the family years ago. Vassil has no intention of helping Zeus, who is desperately looking for money...


Jussi Hiltunen
Finland / 2015, 18 min

The story of Eikka, a cab driver in his fifties, who has betrayed his family and is losing contact with his teenage daughter Laura. One night, Eikka meets a girl, the same age as his daughter, who claims to have been raped. He gives her a lift home, but can't forget the tragic sad girl.

The Broken Past.jpeg

The Broken Past
Martin Morgenfeld, Sebastian Schjaer
Argentina / 2015, 16 min

After several months of absence and without a clear motivation, an adolescent suddenly reappears in a hospital to meet up again with the mother of his newly born daughter.


Myrsini Aristidou
Cyprus / 2015, 13 min

Semele will do anything to spend some time with her long absent father. A school note becomes just the excuse for her to visit him at his workplace, where her presence highlights their fragile relationship.