21 april



After the Revolution of Dignity and the beginning of the war in Eastern Ukraine, quite a few filmmakers got attracted to our country. Many of them wanted to get to the flashpoint, others were looking for their next “festival hit” while for some this was the first time they had heard about Ukraine. One way or another, Ukrainian presence on the screens is now due not only to Ukrainian filmmakers but also to the foreigners. So, we have decided to get you to see the image of Ukraine through the perspective of foreign directors and to find out whether it is close to our ideas about our country or, maybe, is more like Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a soviet officer.


This Place We Call Our Home
Thora Lorentzen, Sybilla Marie Wester Tuxen
Denmark / 2015, 30 min

A documentary film from Ukraine, summer 14.
In this film war is an atmosphere, rather than journalistic facts. Through music we visit all layers of society. In the form of a poem we show how it feels when your country is in an invincible conflict.

Two friends on the floor
proud pine trees and current rivers
grenades without detonation.

In the staircase dust is dancing.
Women bring home sunflowers.
Deafening silent is Ukraine,
before the boys are leaving.

War is strange,
people try to make sense,
in this place we call our home.

”War” is normally understood as action, and the images we think of are the ones from a battlefield. In this film ”war” is something else. It is depicted as most people will experience it; something out of your control, far away from you, something you worry about. A worry you try to suppress, while trying to continue living. Something that might separate you from someone near to you.
With a main focus on imagery over dialog and with a fragmented storyline, the film depicts the conflict in Ukraine, and how it affects everyday life of those who stay at home; of those who is waiting.


Beating Hearts
Antoine Chaudagne
France / 2014, 46 min

In Eastern Ukraine, a group of coal miners drink down vodka while talking about their comrade’s death in an accident. Among them is 30-years old Slava, who dreams of escaping his desperate village in order to start a new life with a young woman he has met on the Internet.