22 april


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HUMRA (Human Rights Animation) is an international cultural and educational project. Its aim is to give young people an understanding of human rights and to open a dialogue via animations – in a vivacious form which is appealing to young people. As part of the project, the renown comic and animation artist Heehoos produces a series of artistic animations. Parallel, amateur animations are created in workshops conducted by professional animation studios. On the basis of the created animation films the educational program is developed. The project is planned for three years and is implemented with the support of the European Union and in cooperation with Russian, German, Georgian, Belarusian and Ukrainian partners.

Foto_1 Humra.png

HUMRA - Human Rights Animation.
A story about humanz rights
Mini serial
Author of the idea: HeeHoos
Konstantin Komardin Studios
Russia / 2015, 19:05 min

These are the two first episodes of a story about the ideals of human rights and the difficulty to put them into practice. Our main hero Cheggi, falling foul of the repressive state machinery, decides to return people their human rights at any price.

Foto_2 who is in charge.jpg

Who is in Charge here?
Film director: Roman Sokolov
Animation Studio “Da”
Russia / 2015, 5:40 min

Grand Prix in the International Short Film Festival “Shortform”, Serbia. The cartoon was shot for the «HUMRA – Human Rights Animation» project. The script, characters and the film arose in the course of a week-long workshop in Saint Petersburg. This is a story about how there are so many ridiculous rules and regulations in the modern world! And who is in charge, who is responsible for everything? In the animation we witness the fate of a man who refuses to fulfil strange and unexplainable rules laid down by the state for the security of its citizens. Who knows what will come of all this?

Foto_3 iskustvenny otbor.jpg

Artificial selection
Film director: Roman Sokolow
Animation Studio “Da”
Russia / 2015, 4:34 min

Summer 2015 in the “Kavavardak” camp the team of the “HUMRA – Human Rights Animation” jointly created a cartoon with teenagers about the value of human life. The basis for the script was a role play where teenagers were to decide who they were to save from Planet Earth and who has a right to life. It was necessary to take a unanimous decision. To save all or leave someone to perish in the dying planet? Not an easy choice. Look at what has come of it!

The Wall
Director Asya Umarova
Russia, the Republic of Chechnya / 2015, 5:12 min

Where do walls come from? Who built them and why are they built? What or who hides behind them? And how do we demolish them? Pupils at the school of Proletarskoye Village, Grozny District thought about these questions and then created this cartoon together with the director Asya Umarova and her team at the “HUMRA – Human Rights Animation” project. Do the directors find answers to all these questions?

Foto 5 Overboard.png

Russia / 2015, 3:44 min

This cartoon was created with teenagers during autumn holidays. It tells the story of all of us, about everyone who thinks that he has an enemy.

Director Asya Umarova
Russia, the Republic of Chechnya / 2015, 3:39 min

During one of the HUMRA workshops in Chechnya, the participants discussed the rights of people with a disability. As the result of this discussion, they created the animation film «Contact». It is about, that we always can find a possibility to communicate with each other. One must only make an effort and support the fellow.

Foto 7 stariy dom.png

The old house
Russia, the Republic of Chechnya / 2015, 5:57

This cartoon was created in Chechen Republic during the workshops. The idea of it arose from a contradiction between traditions and the modern age. There is an old and commonly used saying in Chechnya: «If you would stay at home, nothing would happen». The heroine of the animation film broke this. What happened after that? It’s up to you to decide.