23 april


The Seashell in Mariinsky Park

One of the three genre screenings at the open-air location will be devoted to romantic films. While comedies and horror movies are often too cut-off from reality and make us plunge into a parallel world with its own rules and conventions, this block on love reminds us of the most pungent sensation, known to everyone and often decisive in the happiness/unhappiness of life.


Jean-Francois Ravagnan
Belgium / 2015, 23 min

Sarah gets a phone call that is a blast from the past. Alone and lying to her nearest and dearest, she has only one thing in mind: to cross the Mediterranean and return to Tunisia.
Driven by powerful emotions, she undertakes a journey in order to keep a promise she once made to the man she loved.


A. Stephen Lee
United States / 2015, 11 min

When a fourteen year old girl's obsession with the new swimming instructor sets her into a world of undiscovered feelings, she travels between adolescence and womanhood, leaving childhood forever behind.


Nkosi Coiffure
Frederike Migom
Belgium / 2015, 14 min

A fight with her boyfriend on the street in Brussels’ Congolese neighbourhood, sees Eva escape into a hair salon. The African women in the salon initially support her, seeing a woman in distress. But when they find out what the fight is about, opinions differ…

Love Story Not.png

Love Story Not
Yosep Anggi Noen
Indonesia / 2015, 30 min

A story about masculinity in women’s perspective. Ning & Martha are a couple of prostitute which living in different classes until they are meet Erik; a guy whose having a hidden purpose.

Presente Imperfecto
Iair Said
Argentina / 2015, 15 min

It's Martín's birthday. A confusing present will lead him to reflect and think about how other people see him.