Ruairi O'Brien
Ireland / 2006, 2 min

Two old friends fish together on a lake and get up to mischief with their false teeth.

Hendrick Dusollier
France / 2009, 14:30 min

From ancient, mythical times to the bombastic rush of downtown Shanghai: two young farmers leave their village for the metropolis.

Nuno Rocha
Portugal / 2009, 6 min

A night watchman plays basketball all night, perfecting his game. While the young cleaner on night duty is unable to keep up with him, he doesn't give up that easily.

Juan Pablo Zaramella
Argentina / 2007, 3 min

Never underestimate the power of the dark side.

Bende sira
Ismet Ergün
Germany, Turkey / 2007, 10 min

A group of boys have invented a game: A counting rhyme decides which of them can go to the cinema. As the collected money isn't enough for everyone, the experience must be shared as vividly as possible.

Guard Dog
Bill Plympton
USA / 2004, 4:30 min

Why do dogs bark at innocent creatures such as pigeons and squirrels... what are they afraid of? This film answers that eternal question.

Peter Dietrich
Germany / 2006, 1 min

One man, one ball and the realisation that missing the goal is sometimes an art of its own.

La comtessa di castiglione
David Lodge
England / 1999, 13 min

The Comtesse arises out of a magic hat and after some strange and peculiar events vanishes again. Inspired by the early photographic portraits taken by Mayer Freres

Romeo & Juliet
Samuli Valkama
Finland / 2002, 1 min

Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet retold in 30 seconds!

Jose Mari Goenaga
Spain / 2005, 9:30 min

A man is entranced by a woman singing in the car next door, but communication is difficult. His only hope is the radio station.

Our Wonderful Nature
Tomer Eshed
Germany / 2008, 5 min

Everything we always wanted to know about the mating habits of the water shrew.

La Carte
Stefan Le Lay
France / 2009, 7:30 min

A young man attempts to meet up with the love of his life. The only problem is that they are both trapped in their own postcard worlds.

Music For one apartment and six drummers
Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjarne, Nilsson
Sweden / 2001, 9:30 min

Six people break into an apartment and make music with

the furniture and appliances they find within.