23 april



Today’s most relevant topic presented without sloppy sentimentalism or populist tolerance. It is neither heroes nor victims who are in focus here, but ordinary people, who love both A-HA and monotonous chants in honour of Allah, people who are constantly in search of a safe place on a planet that has suddenly become too small to offer shelter for all. “Being a citizen of my country is a commitment, not a cause for pride”, says the hero in one of the shorts. It would be presumptuous and deceptive to claim that a few films will instantly make us more humane or tender-hearted and less self-centred. It will be even more hypocritical to promise that a one-and-a-half-hour movie block can completely change the world, or that it will be a revelation beyond the well-known brutal truth – that man is weak and war is absurd.


Frida Kempff
Sweden / 2015, 13 min

Susanna works as a doctor in Stockholm. Just like her friends she has got a safe career and a bright future. But Susanna will never be satisfied with a life like that, so she accepts a mission as a doctor in Central African Republic. Susanna feels she can make a difference here. When her mission ends Susanna returns to her mother, friends and job in Sweden. Only to find that nothing has changed.


Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello
Italy, France, USA / 2015, 14 min

Combining high definition and Super 8 footage, Lampedusa is composed of interwoven narratives based on a series of real events. In late 1831, a volcanic island suddenly erupted from the sea a few kilometers off the southern coast of Sicily. An international dispute ensued, during which a number of European powers laid claim to this newfound “land.” The island receded below sea level six months later, leaving only a rocky ledge under the sea. A general reflection about human desires for possession and the possibility of a utopia, Lampedusa also brings the viewer into contact with the contemporary condition of the Mediterranean.

Impression of a War.jpg

Impression of a War
Camilo Restrepo
Colombia, France / 2015, 26 min

For over 70 years Colombia has been subject to an internal armed conflict whose demarcation lines seem to have become blurred over time. An insidious creeping violence has gradually pervaded the whole of society. Impossible as it is to tell this story in one unified narrative, the history behind this violence seems to take form through a multitude of traces.


Ennemis Intérieurs
Selim Azzazi
France / 2015, 27 min

In the 90's, during the algerian civil war, terrorism reaches France. Two men. Two identities. One fight.


Sara Broos
Sweden / 2015, 13 min

A young woman escapes the war in Syria and ends up in Sweden. Music brings her back in dreams and memories of her homeland. Each memory is related to a song. One in particular has followed her all her life and becomes a link between the old and the new — a song by the Norwegian popband A-ha.