23 april




Theodore Ushev
Canada / 2015, 4 min

A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.

Le Nom Que Tu Portes.jpg

Le Nom Que Tu Portes
Hervé Demers
Canada / 2015, 15 min

When Vlace is suspended for hitting a classmate, Sasha is called to come get his son at school and has no choice but to take him along on his delivery route. During this intimate journey, we discover what provoked Vlace's uncharacteristic act, as father and son find their way toward a new understanding.

Les Brigands de l'Hotel Bleu (The Blue Hotel Robbers).jpg

Les Brigands de L'hôtel Bleu
Olivier Godin
Canada / 2015, 16 min

Mike will place a phone call. Lise will answer it. That night, through a romantic tribute to the cinema of Wakamatsu and to the breasts of the mature woman, a tender and fragile conversation brings about the glory of a blossoming love. Expect dirty humour and deceitful behaviour.


Caroline Monnet
Canada / 2015, 9 min

Housewife and grandmother Roberta struggles to fit the conformist society she lives in and turns to amphetamines to cure her boredom.

Never Happened.jpg

Never Happened
Mark Slutsky
Canada / 2015, 8 min

Whilst on a business trip, two colleagues have an affair and then decide it might just be better to forget all about it.


Patrice Laliberté
Canada / 2015, 19 min

One night, Mathieu, 17-years-old, goes under an overpass to do a graffiti.


Bleu Tonnerre
Jean-Marc E. Roy & Philippe David Gagné
Canada / 2015, 21 min

Bruno, in his thirties and in desperate need of a purpose, ends up homeless after a breakup. Without despairing and under the watchful eye of his motherly big sister, this sawmill worker will find the drive to put his beloved blue suit back on and to rekindle an old flame.