21 april



In countries of the Near East, every other man is a terrorist. That's about as good as saying every other Ukrainian woman is a hooker. This block of films about and from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain and Turkish Kurdistan is above all about people, and not about their stereotypes.


Just Another Day in Egypt
Nikola Ilic, Corina Schwingruber Ilic
Switzerland, Serbia / 2015, 11 min

What is left of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011? The new president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, seized power and now rules the country with an iron fist. But everyday life goes on and people try to make the best of it.

Ely Dagher
Lebanon, Qatar / 2015, 15 min

Disillusioned with his life in the suburbs of segregated Beirut, Omar’s discovery lures him into the depths of the city. Immersed into a world that is so close yet so isolated from his reality that he eventually finds himself struggling to keep his attachments, his sense of home.

Free Range.jpg

Free Range
Bassem Breche
Lebanon, Germany / 2014, 16 min

Based on actual events, Free Range is the story of a cow that crosses the border from Israel to Lebanon and meets 16-year-old Malakeh and her family. In the style of a Lebanese spaghetti Western, the film explores borders and power between people, religions, cows and UN interventions.

The Translator.jpg

The Translator
Emre Kayiş
Turkey, United Kingdom / 2015, 23 min

"The Translator" is an intimate portrait of a Syrian refugee boy experiencing the unpleasant taste of using his unique power.


Saleh Nass
Bahrain / 2015, 11 min

A girl is horrified at being picked up from school in her dad's uncool pick-up truck.

9 Days - From My Window In Aleppo.jpg

9 Days - From My Window In Aleppo
Floor van der Meulen, Vroege Thomas
Netherlands / 2015, 13 min

One morning in August 2012, renowned Syrian photographer Issa Touma saw young men lugging sandbags into his street. It turned out to be the start of the Syrian uprising in the city of Aleppo. Touma grabbed his camera and spent nine days holed up in his apartment, recording what was happening outside.