NoBudge is an online screening venue with weekly premieres of no-budget films selected by Kentucker Audley himself. He has acted in the indie-films « Christmas,  Again » by Charles Poekel and « Sun Don't Shine » by Amy Seimetz. He also starred in « Marriage Materia » by the “mumblecore” genius Joe Swanberg and last year’s masterpiece « Queen of Earth » by Alex Ross Perry.

Kentucker Audley’s acting career started accidentally when he became an actor in other directors’ films just to spy on their work. According to the principle of universal online accessibility, Kentucker Audley has posted his films on his vimeo channel.

He also launched an ironical petition «Stop Making Indie Films» and was the first to sign it. In this petition, he urges to stop making “mediocre”  half-assed no-budget productions. His website NoBudge is no place for viral videos or amateur graphomaniacs. Those films mostly don’t fit the canons of traditional festivals because of their innate American independence. By simple means, truthful performances and contemplative film-making, they tell the stories about complex human relationships.

Diamond Day
8 2014
Sofia Banzhaf
USA / 2014, 8 min

With an unforced naturalism, the short film by Sofia Banzhaf (also playing the lead, Gracie) captures modern bohemian-types, effortlessly pinpointing the period of life before adult responsibility with subtle insight and clarity.

Jeremy Hersh
USA / 2015, 12 min

Hersh clears away the inessential and crystallizes a love affair’s rise and fall and tentative renewal into a chamber piece, a poignant duet that comes and goes before it’s time for a second cigarette.

Las Gitanas
Matthew Anderson
USA / 2014, 16 min

A visceral collection of scenes with a pulsating natural energy and soft-focus gaze on lost innocence. Director Matthew Anderson weaves it together with elegance and vibrancy, focusing on confused/lost/seedy characters, but treating them with an uncommon humanity. It’s a beautiful and tender work with a lively cast and transcendent final sequence.

We'll Find Something
Casey Gooden
USA / 2015, 12 min

Seimetz and Carruth are compelling as always, vulnerable and funny; director Casey Gooden (producer, Upstream Color) captures their pettiness and growing frustration vividly while shrewdly weaving in relationship context. It's a richly-observed piece brimming with subtle humor and insight made by a group of enormously talented filmmakers.

Old Friends 11 2015
Bruce Bundy
USA / 2015, 11 min

It presents most of the troupe’s signature touches— the overcommitted performances, the absurd banter, the sultry dance scenes.

In Search of the Miraculous
Sam Kuhn
USA / 2015, 14 min

A striking collection of images that seemingly materialize out of nowhere, there is no dialogue and no need for any — the evocative visuals and soundscape fill in everything you need to know, or rather everything you need to feel.