20 april



Some were trapped by Hollywood, deprived of individuality, while some European directors, among them Chantal Akerman, Wim Wenders and Bruno Dumont, came to depict romanticized highways and Manhattan skyscrapers through a unique artistic vision, either delighted or disappointed by the country where everyone is free to be anything, without fear of being judged. This block contains 3 films about American eccentricities, beautiful and frightful at the same time.


Sean Clark
USA / 2014, 15 min

Through canyon-like halls and immense atriums, Mallwalkers follows a group of elderly walkers as they traverse the Mall of America's 4.2 million square feet of floor space before it opens to the public. As they sweat, grunt, and gossip their way through the mall and indoor amusement park, this documentary captures the camaraderie and rituals of a group that won't let the long Minnesota winters deny them fitness.

Oliver Bernsen
United States / 2015, 27 min

Mike Boyd has been stuck in rural Texas playing Double-A baseball for 3 years. With his prospect of advancing to the Majors diminishing, he grows more lost and anxious with each passing day. Out of the blue Mike meets a young woman named Chelsea who offers compassion and distraction from the daily onslaught. At her request, the two venture beyond the city limits, to attend a secret gathering held at an abandoned industrial site. What occurs at first seems like a possible answer to Mike’s confusion, but what ultimately transpires is a far cry from his salvation and a true test of his spirit and will.

Stefano Galli
USA / 2015, 43 min

A visual narrative into the heart of the United States with the filmmaker from Modena Stefano Galli. His only companion throughout the journey: a 16mm camera. From Florida to California, passing through Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Montana, coming across a series unique characters met by chance along the way and captured on film with their expressions and mannerisms.