21 april



Do nationality, gender or country of residence matter for real love? It would be nice to answer ‘no’ but unfortunately in the reality everything is different. A lot of people have to pretend to be somebody else all their lives. We have created a society in which people can not admit to have somebody they love the most. This section shows how, no matter how cruel it may sound, the desire to be yourself and to love can be treated as a crime.

Madeline Kelly
Australia / 2015, 10 min

A nineteen year old boy has one opportunity to seize an experience he has always longed for, before it's too late.

Mother Knows Best.jpg

Mother Knows Best
Mikael Bundsen
Sweden / 2016, 13 min

The family’s mother has absolutely no problems with her son having just introduced his boyfriend to her. She only wants to give him a little well-meaning advice. Tight dialog and wonderful acting skillfully reveal family relations where a car trip leads to unforeseen consequences for an entire family.


Victor XX
Ian Garrido
Spain / 2015, 20 min

Victor likes to experiment with his gender. He doesn't know whether he feels like a boy or a girl. He lives in a small seaside village in Almeria, with his mother Mari Angeles and his girlfriend Rahma. Once in town, protected by anonymity, he discovers himself.

Visible Silence.jpg

Visible Silence
Ruth Gumnit
USA, Thailand / 2015, 43 min

In the conservative Thai society there is no place for lesbians. Such women are treated as inadequate, abnormal, disgracing the family. The film characters vary in terms of age and social status. Some of them are ‘tomboys’, others feel happy as women. Some would like to break free from traditional female roles while others dream of having a family. But there is one thing they all share: the need of acceptance and respect.