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Ukrainian competition at KISFF is an impressive collection of films made by most enduring Ukrainian filmmakers. Some of them have been shooting films for years. Now they can improvise a master-course on how to deal with panic, burnout or depression. These days the absurd circumstances of Ukrainian filmmaking have no limits. The Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency is hunted for his love for independent cinema. The Government is planning to spend 18 million dollars on production of patriotic films. Film crew has spent a year preparing production of the next film. They are yet to know that tomorrow the pitch for the national funding will be canceled. Have we suddenly became trapped in a children active game, in which we, blindfolded, run in circles. Ukrainian competition at KISFF is devoted to fire-proof Ukrainian filmmakers who manage to stand strong in the face of this absurdity.

"Burn, burn brightly when there is still fire"

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Short Matters is a unique project of European Film Academy, which shows a manifold panorama of the most important young contemporary European filmmaking. The initiative is organised in cooperation with a series of film festivals throughout the continent, at which the best films are selected for competition eligible for the European Film Awards. When the annual cycle is complete the members of the European Film Academy elect the overall winner. This time the audience will have the opportunity  to see three exciting, jam-packed programmes presenting contemporary problems from the most diverse parts of the world.

The program is dedicated to the award-winning films of the most desirable festivals (Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, Venice) and films that had visited the world’s most famous festivals during the past year.

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Among the focuses of this year's festival: Cannes will become closer and bring to Kiev the «Directors’ Fortnight»; Another one will focus on creativity of the director duo, Jonathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi from France, whose style is shocking and enthusiastic; Cinema of China will be under the watchful eye of the festival, as well as the program «Over the Border», which is dedicated to our embarrassing modern world.

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Before you go to sleep, we would like to remind you of what people do at night. In the «Midnight Sexy Shorts» program. You will persuade yourself that love has no boundaries, either spiritual or bodily by seeing «Out & Proud» program. We are going to scare you with the help of «Nightmares: Offspring Hysteria» and show you 100 films in 100 minutes.

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