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 ⬆Не забудь додати до свого календаря

We are glad to announce the fifth edition of festival of one-minute short films — 100 films in 100 minutes 2016. 

For those who feel the lack of time even for one movie a month, for those who are easily bored with romantic comedies in pop-corn cinemas and those who struggle for new forms and formats — we are making a set of 100 films which gives a special kind of energy for their brains.

From the very beginning the festival has a form of an experiment. An experiment on yourself! Nobody guarantees if your are still ‘normal’ after watching the set!

No restrictions upon countries, languages or genres. Here you can find every kind of films which fits in 100 second. 

If you are the one who has an amazing 1-minute short, please find an entry form at our web-site and we will be glad to consider your film!