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On 28 February 1962, at the 8th West German Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, 26 West German filmmakers signed the Oberhausen Manifesto. It is a groundbreaking historical milestone that changed German and world cinema, when the artists and their followers proclaimed search for alternative forms of production and aesthetics in modern cinema. The signing of the Oberhausen Manifesto marked a period that enabled young voices of German short filmmaking to express themselves on political themes in cinema freely. 12 restored short films will be presented in two programs over the course of two days. The first screening is dedicated to urban surrounding and the second is with the focus on provincial life. Both of them also include documentaries where filmmakers like young Werner Herzog and guests of Oberhausen festival reflect on state of cinema and express themselves explicitly honestly, almost quarreling with each other. These films are both an important historical document of the era and also an artistic achievement that was recognized at the time at festivals like Berlinale (Anmeldung) and Mannheim (Es muss ein Stuck vom Hitler sein) and now are included in retrospectives all over the world.

дух та трохи вдачи ульріх шамоні.jpg

Spirit and a bit of luck

Ulrich Schamoni

Germany / 1965, 30 min


An ironic observation of “Oberhausener”, the representatives of different genres and generations.

 Herbert Vesely um 1950

Menschen im Espresso

Herbert Vesely

Germany / 1958, 16 min


Vesely’s study on changing urbanity claims that «the Espresso has a democratic touch». Italy has expanded into Munich and instead of beer hall cellars, there are Cappuccinos, ice creams and tables in the open.

Moskau ruft! peter schamoni.jpg

Moscow calling!

Peter Schamoni

Germany / 1959, 13 min


Peter Schamoni and Jost Vocano travel as official participants to the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow in the August of 1957. They film with a 16-mm camera officially and secretly behind the scenes.

Edgar Reitz Kommunikation.jpg


Edgar Reitz

Germany / 1961, 10 min


Experimental film which deals with the different means and forms of human communication.

Es muss ein Stueck vom Hitler sein : It has to be a piece of Hitler Walter Kruettner.jpg

It has to be a piece of Hitler

Walter Kruettner

Germany / 1963, 11 min


Kruettner shows in his twelve-minute documentary how the mountain retreat of Adolf Hitler on the „Obersalzberg“ is marketed as a tourist attraction. Tourists from all over the world come hunting for memorabilia from the times of National Socialism.

Anmeldung : Registration Rob Houwer.jpg


Rob Houwer

Germany / 1964, 10 min


Nursing homes in Holland have a long waiting list. It has become customary to register as early as possible to ensure future placement. Impressive is Rob Houwer’s film which casts its eye on an old peoples’ home.