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On 28 February 1962, at the 8th West German Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, 26 West German filmmakers signed the Oberhausen Manifesto. It is a groundbreaking historical milestone that changed German and world cinema, when the artists and their followers proclaimed search for alternative forms of production and aesthetics in modern cinema. The signing of the Oberhausen Manifesto marked a period that enabled young voices of German short filmmaking to express themselves on political themes in cinema freely. 12 restored short films will be presented in two programs over the course of two days. The first screening is dedicated to urban surrounding and the second is with the focus on provincial life. Both of them also include documentaries where filmmakers like young Werner Herzog and guests of Oberhausen festival reflect on state of cinema and express themselves explicitly honestly, almost quarreling with each other. These films are both an important historical document of the era and also an artistic achievement that was recognized at the time at festivals like Berlinale (Anmeldung) and Mannheim (Es muss ein Stuck vom Hitler sein) and now are included in retrospectives all over the world.

The heirs of Daddy’s cinema.jpg

The heirs of Daddy’s cinema

Wilhelm Roth

Germany / 1968, 26 min


Documentary by Wilhelm Roth about the state of affairs of the Young German Cinema.


Blazing islet Crete

Pitt Koch

Germany / 1959, 12 min

Salinas Raimond Ruehl.jpg


Raimond Ruehl

Germany / 1960, 11 min


Documentary short by Raimond Ruehl about the hard work of salt production.


Notes from Altmuehltal

Heinz Tichawsky, Hans Rolf Strobel

Germany / 1961, 17 min


The movie portrays a municipality in Lower Bavaria near Kelkheim, which has been „übersehen“ (overlooked) by the „Wirtschaftswunder“ and whose inhabitants accordingly entertain a comparatively low social awareness.

Sueden im Schatten Franz Josef Spieker.jpg

The south in the shadow

Franz Josef Spieker

Germany / 1962, 8 min


Short documentary about the life in an Italian fishing village outside the main tourist season. Empty hotels, windows covered with wood planks and torn poster from the last season are hanging on the facades.

Granstein Christian Doermer.png


Christian Doermer

Germany / 1965, 13 min


Droemer brings the audience into the midst of a 12-member peasant family. You get to know the “simple people”, briefly get acquainted with their lives and their fears about the future.