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INDIE LAB - documentary Film Lab for Young Filmmakers encourages youth to use documentaries as a way of engaging others on issues vital to Ukraine’s democratic reform. INDIE LAB is structured as two sessions training composed of workshops and individual consultations to participants. Participants work on concrete short documentary film project and deliver a finished short film in the end of the training.

From the Wheel.jpg

Starting with a Wheel

Andrii Dziunia

Ukraine / 2017, 15 min


Despite the lack of appropriate education, experience and money, students decided to build a racing car and take part in an international competition. They couldn’teven imagine how many obstacles they would face on the wayto their goal.

To the table.png

To the table

Anna Dobrova

Ukraine / 2017, 15 min


Young activists decide to make an art experiment: to come to a randomly chosen yard ina sleeping district in Kyiv and offer their services to localresidents to diversify their life in the yard. Their initiative is supported by the most enthusiastic and active representatives of the yard – senior ladieswhooffer their unusual creative idea.


Maria Stoianova

Ukraine / 2017, 15 min


The film opens a Pandorabox, digs deep and reveals secrets to get an insight into the archeology of the present-daylife in Kyiv

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Between Hell and Paradise

Slavik Bihun

Ukraine / 2017, 15 min


For the sake of children, active residents of a paradise corner endangered by a giant industrial construction thirst for justice and nail the government to the wall in the first Ukrainian environmental case in the European Court of Human Rights. 

Elections that didnt happen.png

Elections that didn't happen

Piotr Armianovski

Ukraine / 2017, 15 min


Take an inside look at the work of an election committee in Donetsk in spring 2014. Despite attacks fromarmed pro-Russian militants we continued to organize presidential elections in Ukraine.


Who's Kaya

Tatyana Dorodnitsyna

Ukraine / 2017, 21 min


Who are you? What do you think you are? Kaya is 27. What makes the life of a tender girl when she is a poet and a protester? 

Наука переможе.jpg

Science will win

Andrii Lytvynenko

Ukraine / 2017, 12 min


Ukrainian science is the world oftruewonder. But what is the real situation with science in Ukraine? What are Ukrainian researchers fighting for and what would beUkraine’sfuture without them?

Зори Донбасса.jpg

The Dawn of Donbass

Nataliia Pogudina

Ukraine / 2017, 19 min


The film is built on women’s voices – voices of women from a mining town. Their stories lead us through the streets of Chervonopartyzansk, a small town in the temporary occupied territory of Ukraine.

The son of Dobass.jpg

The son of Donbass

Vadim Moiseenko

Ukraine / 2017, 21 min


Mikhalych, a farmer from Luhansk, has miraculously escaped from captivity of battalion Batman (LNR). He can’t do farming in the area of Luhansk anymore and he establishes a new farm in the zone of Chernobyl. Mikhalych sows the first crop…