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Cinema lost its magic, contemporary art provokes spiteful grins, altruistic enthusiasm was replaced by grant addiction, and theatre has become a cynical temple of vanity. Dear Aristotle, Tarkovsky and Rembrandt, we are sorry, but the ХХІst century will be remembered as an epoque of memes and GIFs, and the ironic section “Art Sucks!” doesn’t leave any hope for renaissance of humanity.

Hounds Omer Tobi.jpg


Omer Tobi

Israel / 2016, 30 min


For sixteen years Iris Kadosh has been the keeper of the museum’s exhibits, with much dedication and no complaints. One day she arrives to work to find out that the museum’s operational manager has left and she will be taking her place. The good news is tainted by Iris’ involvement in an accident, one that causes the museum to shut down and brings about an investigation. Iris must work her way through the ever growing anxiety she feels and the colorful and crude ensemble of workers that hover around her. She must face dark questions on ethics, good vs. bad, and decide how far she will go in order to keep the great position she was offered just that morning. The tragic and amusing dynamics between the museum’s employees creates an opera of marginal and rejected characters searching for any shred of respect from the world.

For Real Tho Baptist Penetticobra.png

For Real Tho

Baptist Penetticobra

France / 2016, 14 min


From dusk to dawn, a group of teenagers meet on a convenience store parking lot. They’re here to shoot a film, but we won’t know or see the result or what the film is about.

Kommitten Gunhild Enger.jpg


Gunhild EngerTheo

Sweden / 2016, 14 min


Three delegates from Sweden, Norway and Finland are gathered in Lapland to decide which piece of art should be placed at the border of their countries. But the committee is in for a surprise… The delegates are faced with the challenge of making a democratic decision: is there something they can agree on to represent a true Nordic movement?

Stage Left Lora Mure-Ravaud.jpg

Stage Left

Lora Mure-Ravaud

Switzerland / 2016, 13 min


This evening, the drama school graduate students are performing their solos. Lola is there, somewhat reluctantly, as a friend has asked her to come. However, her friend doesn’t turn up. Lola is left sitting alone in the theatre, waiting. Then the lights go out.