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Birth of a Leader Antoine de Bary.jpg

Birth of a Leader

Antoine de Bary

France / 2016, 15 min


Vincent, a 20-year-old successful actor, is being offered the leading role in the film of the year: a biopic on Charles de Gaulle in his youth. At the same time, his parents move to Orléans, thus pushing him to live alone. The film follows his first steps towards independence.

Fucking Bunnies Teemu Niukkanen.jpg

Fucking Bunnies

Teemu Niukkanen

Finland / 2016, 16 min


Satan worshipping sex cult moves in next door to Raimo.

The Wolfman Lluís Sellarès.jpg

The Wolfman

Lluís Sellarès

Spain / 2016, 21 min


Nico is half of the couple who stays at home while Mar is working, looking out the window the vastness of the forest and seeking new ways to procrastinate.

State of Emergency motherfucker.jpg

State of Emergency motherfucker

Sebastian Petretti

Belgium / 2017,  5 min


"État d’alerte sa mère!" is the story of two random guys who just want have sex.

TRIAL _ ERROR Antje Heyn.jpg


Antje Heyns

Germany / 2016, 5 min


A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots – and a long-lost friend.

Språkfrågan _ Mandatory Swedish  Niklas Lindgren.jpeg

Språkfrågan / Mandatory Swedish

Niklas Lindgren

Finland / 2016, 12 min


A story about a relationship with problems. She is upset at how Swedish-speaking Finns are treated in their home country. He is seriously constipated. Will the relationship survive when her idealism clashes with his biological needs?

метро на троещину_.jpg

Subway to Troyeshchina

Artem Berkalov & Igor Sudakov

Ukraine / 2016, 8 min


Chance, especially when it's miraculous, does not fall to everyone. Is it possible to stay good-hearted and conscientious when everything is up to you... Vasya, an ordinary guy from Troyeshchina, will try. But... Will he succeed?