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The Fishermen Bára Anna Stejskalová.jpg

The Fishermen

Bára Anna Stejskalová

Czech Republic / 2016, 10 min


A short stop-motion film about manipulation and capability of holding onto one´s self-awereness in technoly-driven age told through the tale of fisherman and skeleton.



Jan Kokolia

Czech Republic / 2016, 4 min


Everything started with the Big Bang, that was the seed. Everything was born,developed and died because of a repeating cycle. The matter will forever remain, energy is transmitted and time gives motion to everything. From atoms to planets, from morning to night, from cells to landscapes. Over and over. The cycle.

Five easy steps how to find a soulmate Hana Stehlíková Nováková               .jpg

Five easy steps how to find a soulmate

Hana Stehlíková Nováková

Czech Republic / 2016, 5 min


Guide to a social labyrinth, which shouldn't be taken too literally.

What Is Behind the Canvas? Haukur Hallsson.jpg

What Is Behind the Canvas?

Haukur Hallsson

Czech Republic / 2016, 12 min


Legendary Czech documentary filmmaker and Head of FAMU's documentary department returns to painting after 35 years. On the way from his
exhibition in Tišnov, he shares his memories and distinctive views on art and life.

Black cake Johana Švarcová                .png

Black cake

Johana Švarcová

Czech Republic / 2016, 24 min


A family celebration, family peace, family lies. The forgotten is brought back by old photos. The family peace is kept in exchange for the silence. We become adults once we come to terms with our family. The main character is a victim of her weakness.

What to Do While Trains Pass By Karl Forchhammer.jpg

What to Do While Trains Pass By

Karl Forchhammer

Czech Republic / 2015, 11 min


A group of five school-aged youths spend their free time in front of a graffiti-covered wall.
In the rough area near the train tracks we observe the process of rap being created. The free way the
youths speak and off-the-cuff texts accompanied by music emanating from their mobile phones say a
great deal about way they perceive the world.


Thank You Ben

Fiona Ziegler

Czech Republic / 2016, 30 min


Alice searches Ben, who disappears after being called in by the Israeli army.
Her journey across an emotionally charged landscape not only reveals the constant tension of a county but faces Alice with her initial naivety in light of an uncompromising situation.

Vietnamese for Beginners_4.png

Vietnamese for Beginners

Eilat Ben Eliyahu

Czech Republic / 2016, 5 min


A young boy seeking after his love in a grocery store.


On the Other Side

Piaoyu Xie

Czech Republic / 2014, 4 min


Vladimir encounters his daughter who he hasn't seen in the past three years at the corner
of the Christmas tree market. Is this a Christmas miracle or he will just disappoint himself again?