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The second part of Festival Hits program is presenting works of different filmmakers who create films of current interest, showing their specific cinematographic language. They are in focus of most prestigious film festivals. Among them, Konstantina Kotzamani, Theodore Ushev, Or Sinai, Ena Sendijarevic, as well as the winner of the Palme d'Or - the film 'Timecode'.

Anna Or Sinai.jpg


Or Sinai

Israel / 2016, 24 min


It's a hot summer's day, and for the first time in years Anna, the sewing workshop worker, unexpectedly finds herself alone, without her son. She sets out for a free night, roaming the streets of her small desert town, looking for a man who can touch her, even just for one brief moment.

Limbo Konstantina Kotzamani.JPG


Konstantina Kotzamani

Greece / 2016, 30 min


The leopard shall lie down with the goat.
The wolves shall live with the lambs.
And the young boy will lead them.
12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore …



Blind Vaysha Theodore Ushev.jpg

Blind Vaysha

Theodore Ushev

Canada / 2016,  8 min


The tale of a girl who could see the past and the future simultaneously and respectively with each eye, but never the present.

Timecode Juanjo Giménez.jpg


Juanjo Giménez

Spain / 2016, 15 min


Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.

IMPORT - Still 6.jpg


Ena Sendijarevic

France / 2016, 17 min


A Bosnian refugee family end up in a small village in the Netherlands. Absurd situations arise as they try to make this new world their home.