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Finnish video art retrospective is covering the period from 1965 to 2006. The viewers will see works of pioneers of Finnish visual and kinetic art, including Eino Ruutsalo, who debuted in avantgarde society of New York in the early 1950s, and Erkki Kurenniemi, one of the first electronic musicians in Finland, who explored the revolutionary impact of computers on public and private life in the 1960s. The authors of the presented videos are the members of worldwide biennial, their works are included to collections of prestigious galleries such as Tate and MoMa ("Me/You, Okay, Gray" by Eija-Liisa Ahtila) and have been shown at festivals from Tribeca to Rotterdam and Locarno ("Lasso" by Salla Tykka).

The Jump Eino Ruutsalo.jpg

The Jump

Eino Ruutsalo

Finland / 1965, 4 min


An odd combination of black humour and melodramatic anxiety blends scantily clad ladies and concentration camps, hand-painted waste footage and studio shots of a man in felt boots. The avalanche of electronic music by Kurenniemi is an early prototype of minimalist techno.

is this the world of teddy.jpg

Is this the world of Teddy?

Eino Ruutsalo

Finland / 1969, 10 min


The film is collage of news pictures well known to all of us. But do we have the right to throw them away after having looked at them once or twice? Should we not examine and distribute them through all available channels, in order for pain to disappear and love to win. Is this the world of Teddy Bear we will leave behind to our children?

Erkki Kurenniemi florence.jpg


Erkki Kurenniemi

Finland / 1970, 9 min


Shot during a trip to a conference on electro-acoustic music, Florence is a rich collage of double exposures. Images from the Alps, Milano, and Florence are merged with impressions from the Finnish summer. The 16mm Pathé ciné-camera enabled Kurenniemi to wind back, revisit and reshoot the same frames.

Erkki Kurenniemi computer music.jpg

Computer Music

Erkki Kurenniemi

Finland / 1966, 7 min


The film stars two computers: Elliott 803 (in the Department of Nuclear Physics, the University of Helsinki) and IBM 1130 (in the computer centre at the University of Turku). At times, the coexistence of man and machine provokes suffocating frustration. This is only the starting point for something more subtle: the art created with computers.

1982 - a year of censorship Pasi Sleeping Myllymaki.jpg

1982 - a year of censorship

Pasi Sleeping Myllymaki

Finland / 1982, 2 min


How narrow are the Finnish narrow film circles? Pasi Myllymäki reveals their wholesale censorship in this fierce short film with punk rock intermissions.

Milena’s Journey marriki hakola.jpg

Still life - Milena's Journey

Marikki Hakola

Finland / 1989, 5 min


This video work is based on letters written by Franz Kafka to his beloved Milena. The central themes of the piece are distance, longing and memories. The layered imagery relies on the collective memories of the viewer. The starting point for this is master composer Kaija Saariaho’s radiophonic work Stilleben.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila me you okay gray.jpg

Me/We, Okay, Gray

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Finland / 1993, 4 min


A short film with three fictional episodes and narration consisting of rhythmic monologues. The subject of these three humane dramas is the transformation of one’s identity.

Darling, Let Me Hold You! heta kuchka.jpg

Darling, let me hold you!

Heta Kuchka

Finland / 1999, 2 min


In this humoristic short film a young woman is ironing a men’s shirt and caressing a kitten.

Johanna Lecklin about dancing.jpg

About dancing

Johanna Lecklin

Finland / 2000, 6 min


A story of a young girl’s development into a ballet dancer. A personal contemplation on the conflict between girly dreams and the hard everyday work of a dancer.

Salla Tykka lasso.jpg


Salla Tykkä

Finland / 2000, 4 min


A woman sees a powerful man behind the window. Lasso exposes a moment in a young woman’s life; moment at which one’s inability to face the other – or oneself, even – is squeezed into a powerful sensation somewhere on the edge of the unreal.

Abidin Travels.jpg

Abidin Travels

Adel Abidin

Finland / 2006, 4 min


A travel agency promotes vacation trips to Baghdad, showing the life that the Iraqis are living at this very moment in Iraq.