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Frameline Film Festival is the oldest and biggest LGBTQ event in the world that started its history back in 1977 with the screenings of Super 8 mm films and since then is held annually in San Francisco. 

For the first time in Ukraine, KISFF will hold a retrospective of short films that were screened at Frameline in the 1990ies as well as were included in programs of other reknown festivals such as Sundance (Tom's Flesh) and Toronto (RSVP).

Laurie Lynd's film was nearly the only short mentioned by B. Ruby Rich in her historical article that started the use of term New Queer Cinema.

The 4 works of the Queer Classics retrospective portray the spirit, the fashion and the daily routine of LGBTQ youth in the 90ies America. The directors speak of the topical problems of AIDS epidemic, rejection of them by society, and the need to figure out the complex relationships of same sex couples, that were not yet been depicted on screen so truthfully and realistically before.

A Bird in the Hand Catherine Gund (Saalfield) _ Melanie Hope.jpg

A Bird in the Hand

Catherine Gund (Saalfield), Melanie Hope

USA / 1992, 30 min


Simone and Kaya are lovers trying desperately to escape New York City for the weekend. Along the way, Kaya, who is Ayo's ex-lover, becomes more and more obsessed with tracking her down before they leave. In this experimental narrative, the couple confronts exemplary urban obstacles of broken pay phones, jealousy and other unexpected encounters.

Affirmations Marlon T. Riggs.jpg


Marlon T. Riggs

USA / 1990, 10 min


An exploration of Black gay male desires and dreams. Affirmations starts with an affectionate, humorous confessional and moves on to a wish for empowerment and incorporation.

Tom's Flesh Jane Wagner _ Tom di Maria1.png

Tom's Flesh

Jane Wagner, Tom di Maria

USA / 1994, 9 min


Exploring body image, self-perception, eating disorders and plastic surgery, Tom's Flesh is informed by the intersection of a late 20th century gay male body aesthetic, gender and childhood trauma.

RSVP Laurie Lynd.jpeg


Laurie Lynd

Canada / 1991, 24 min


RSVP is a lyrical piece which explores the emotions felt by a group of people, some who knew, and some who did not know, a man who has just died. Its approach, however, is unusual: there is almost no dialogue, but rather a central piece of music - “Le Spectre de la Rose” from Berlioz’ Les Nuits d'Eté, performed by Jessye Norman.