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You are seeing things

Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Búrca

Brazil / 2017, 18 min


In the excerpt, DJ Jadson, a pioneer of Brega in the nightclubs of Recife plays for Neguin do Charme, who gained notoriety through his homemade dance videos posted on Facebook and Instagram. Music by Dany Bala for the lyrics of 'Desce ai que eu quero ver', by MC Porck.

The Summer Movie Emmanuel Marre.jpg

The Summer Movie

Emmanuel Marre

France / 2017, 30 min


It's summer. Philippe is driving with Aurélien and his 9-year-old son, Balthazar. No one gives a damn about the people on vacation, highway rest stops, the August light, and that dismays Philippe. He wants to leave. Balthazar keeps him from that.

Ghost and the Garden Nelson Roubert.png

Ghost and the Garden

Nelson Roubert

Canada, USA / 2016, 7 min


Blue and Red want to make a film with White.

Semiliberi Matteo Gentiloni.jpg


Matteo Gentiloni

Italy / 2016, 10 min


A taciturn inmate in a women’s prison, Alessandra prefers to set herself apart from the behind-bars community. But when she notices another prisoner’s unusual scheme — one involving packages that surreptitiously arrive in the prison yard — she finds a chance to change her circumstance.

Daughter_of_the_Bride_Tamar Rudoy.jpg

Daughter of the Bride

Tamar Rudoy

Israel / 2016, 15 min


Tirza, 26, lives in a dim and detached reality, when this day comes and forces her out of herself and into her own image in the family portrait. A beauty attendant she meets on her way teaches her how to cover up and also shows her a warmth to come back to.