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apocalypse justyna mytnik.jpg


Justyna Mytnik

Poland / 2016, 15 min


“Apocalypse” is a dark fairy tale about loneliness, surrealistic pigeons and love.

Chasse Royale Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret.png

Chasse Royale

Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret

France / 2016, 28 min


Angélique, 13, the eldest of her many brothers and sisters, lives in the suburb of Valenciennes. This day, at school, she is offered to pass an audition for a film.

Hitchhiker Jéro Yun.jpg


Jéro Yun

South Korea / 2016, 20 min


One late afternoon, a mysterious guy tries to hitchhike in the middle of nowhere. But nobody seems to give him a ride. It is getting quite dark, a small van driver suddenly stops his car because he saw a man standing in front of his vehicle and the strange guy gets in the car abruptly.

Martin Pleure Jonathan Vinel.jpg

Martin Cries

Jonathan Vinel

France / 2017, 16 min


Martin cries. He is alone. He woke up in the morning and all his friends were gone. Disappeared. Just not there. He sets off to look for them. And he searches everywhere, in the city, in the mountains, in the rivers, but he doesn’t find them. That makes him furious. Really furious – really sad. Rage, violence, longing, loneliness. Without fear of great feelings, without fear of one's own courage and without fear of violence, Jonathan Vinel tells a story of love and loss entirely based on elements from the computer game Grand Theft Auto V – beyond all kinds of tawdry notions and with extremely concrete physicality.