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Three Steps

Ioseb "Soso" Bliadze

Georgia, Germany / 2017,  19 min


Thirteen-year-old Mariam lives with her father, Rezo, in the poor slums of Tbilisi. They share a one room shack. Mariam and Rezo are barely making a living, being forced to steal at times. Along with the struggle against poverty, Mariam also has to deal with the facts of becoming a woman and the fear that her father would betray her in order to make money.

Out of Reach Efrat Rasner.jpg

Out of Reach

Efrat Rasner

Israel / 2016, 19 min


Hagar works at a photo store where she converts old video tapes to new digital files. A lonely, quiet young woman, she finds herself fascinated by watching the videotapes people have forgotten to pick up. A young man she sees in one of these tapes haunts her, and when she tries to find him, the search turns into a life-changing journey.

Time Capsule Jan Ijäs.jpg

Time Capsule

Jan Ijäs

Finland / 2016, 22 min


Belgian artist Louis de Cordier bought a piece of land above the snow level from Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. De Cordier has now built an underground library and a seedbank for non-genetically modified plants. The location at a height of 2000 metres above sea level, small temperature fluctuation, and dry climate slow the erosion of time. The architecture of the buildings draws on the design language of the visionary American architect and theoretician Buckminster Fuller.

Retrett Itonje Søimer Guttormsen.jpeg


Itonje Søimer Guttormsen

Norway / 2016, 30 min


The roving Gritt fights the exhausting battle of establishing her ideas into practice as an autodidact performance artist arriving the capital of the self acclaimed winners of the world lottery. We follow her during her first weeks in Oslo, and through her philosophical but rather dissociative voice we find a person with a huge gap between her inner and outer world. Retrett deals with alienation, dignity and courage of dreams in a poetic and humorous way, and shows a woman rarely portrayed in film.