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The thinnest line is between virginity and lust. Vice versa.

Dreamland Sara Dunlop.jpeg


Sara Dunlop

UK / 2016, 14 min


17-year-old Pixie and her friends have spent the last few months delving into a strange new world of experimentation. When unfamiliar Blondie arrives at the dying end of the summer, the gang's routine is set to change as Pixie begins to struggle with unexpected feelings.

Role Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font.jpg


Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font

Spain / 2016, 13 min


Exterior. Industrial zone. Night.
Martin decides to be sexually playful with a prostitute he has met, although nothing is what it seems. And this is always dangerous.

The Fine Line Dana Lerer.jpg

The Fine Line

Dana Lerer

Israel / 2015, 26 min


The film follows Maya, a young actress dealing with the shooting of an intimate scene. During filming, the fine line between acting and reality is blurred and the situation conflicts with Maya's personal boundaries. What starts out as just another day of shooting becomes a day that Maya will never forget.

Notre héritage Jonathan Vinel.jpg

Our Heritage

Jonathan Vinel

France / 2015, 24 min


He could have taught me so much." It's the statement of the disappointed son trying to fill the void of his absent father that creates the back bone to this most classic of genres: the son-seeking-father story.