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Towards the Figure of Father .jpg

Towards the Figure of Father

Liza Babenko

Ukraine / 2016, 14 min


Towards the Figure of Father is short drama about the painful passion of a young girl to her lover. Igor is twice older than Lisa, and after a short affair with her he goes away. Pain, despair and fear lead Lisa to psychoanalyst.



Anastasia Suprun

Ukraine / 2016, 23 min


One girl who is forced to work as a cleaner to feed herself and her father, comes home after a hard working day and finds out that her father, in the dreams of becoming millionaires, spent all the money on biologically active additives to do business, which will save them from poverty. In this way, it creates a lot of problems that his daughter have to solve.

Face Control.jpg

Face Control

Olga Stuga

Ukraine / 2016, 12 min


One night in Kiev, two twenty year old boys decide to go party. During this journey to the end of the night, they will realise the existing unequal and perhaps unjust class relationships that defined one's place in our society.


Kiev Moscow

Anna Lyubynetska

Ukraine / 2016, 24 min


Renata's brother is away at war. One day she gets a work assignment to take care of a young man who comes from the enemy's country.

plach vovche.jpg

Plach Vovche

Markosh Kryzhak

Ukraine / 2016, 4 min


Sometimes, even rencounter is enough to touch the deepest strings of soul. Even quick look may be enough to understand, that world around you will never be the same. And things that seemed to be just a silly game, just run іside by side, instantly sprout inside and leave deep scars after breaking away. This cartoon is about loneliness, about people, about wolfs.