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Bytiutskyi Stanislav

Ukraine / 2016, 38 min


They are refugees from eastern Ukraine. Both of them are 24, just like their country. They have left home and now live in someone else's flats. At night they watch the lives of others, and in the daytime they have to return to their own. All they have is their memories and dreams.

zvezda davida.jpg

Star David

Eugene Koshin

Ukraine / 2016, 16 min


12 y.o. Jewish girl Dinka studies at Machon (Jewish orthodox orphanage). Lone middle-aged Israeli-born Hana, the Machon headmistress, exerts best efforts to educate girls in the spirit of Jewish tradition and to protect them from the temptations of the outside world. Once Dinka has watched a boring b-movie on TV and felt in love with Hollywood actor David Travis, a muscular handsome moustachette. She decides to marry him by the Talmudic rules and writes letters to Hollywood.

high mountain.jpg

High Mountain

Volodymyr Bakum

Ukraine / 2016, 15 min


A man about 60 years old (Armenian migrant) lives in the outskirts of a village called New Synyava. His family and he moved to Ukraine because of the war in Nagirny Carabas they were escaping. All that he has is a dream to restore the garden as a memory of the homeland and to wait for his son.


At Least You Are Here

Kristen Swanbeck

USA, Ukraine / 2016, 12 min


A lonely Ukranian woman living in Brooklyn, experiences the war going on in her home country through her computer. She wanders the streets looking for connection.