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If God hates gays, why are we so cute?
— London Pride 2015

Last Round Ziv Mamon.jpg

Last Round

Ziv Mamon

Israel / 2016, 20 min


Eliya is a Tel Aviv barfly. She drinks, does blow, picks up a female bartender for a male friend. The three leave the club together. As Eliya drifts through the night, in a party daze, we find out she has a life-changing appointment in the morning.

The Colour of his Hair Sam Ashby.jpg


Maja Borg

Sweden / 2016, 13 min


MAN is an expansion of gender and language, a journey of physical transformation through the wilderness of pregnancy.



Beautiful Figure Hajni Kis.jpg

The Colour of His Hair

Sam Ashby

UK / 2017, 23 min


Based on an unrealised film script written in 1964 for The Homosexual Law Reform Society, a British organisation that campaigned for the decriminalisation of homosexual relations between men, ‘The Colour of His Hair’ merges drama and documentary into an impressionistic meditation on queer life under the law.

Raniya Sidsel Møller Johnsen.jpg

Beautiful Figure

Hajni Kis

Hungary / 2016, 17 min


A high-school cleaning lady falls in love with one of the students in the school. Her love is impossible from the beginning, but she still decides to show her feelings.