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Marina Abramović, superstar and a bit of a racist, once answered her fan in a tumblr Q&A session about how to keep balance and what to do with feelings of numbness and apathy : "the feeling of apathy and numbness can be cured by going to nature. Baths in the waterfall, and walking to the top of the mountains looking into the horizons and sky full of stars. You have to feel yourself with the natural energy of nature."

At a screening entitled in honour of Sepultura's song, we'll go back to the primal sources, to Dada, to the origins of film language that was emerging from the scratch, the times when rules and conventions have not existed yet, times when avantgarde directors were not interested in human being in the centre of art, and they still bare little interest to humans in their ongoing creativity whatsoever, since the nature inspires and gives us so much more.

I'll Remember You As You Were, Not As What You'll Become Sky Hopinka.jpg

I'll Remember You As You Were, Not As What You'll Become

Sky Hopinka

USA / 2016, 12 min


FestivalScopeTexts and performances by the late Indigenous poet Diane Burns bind Sky Hopinka’s dazzling and mysterious blend of original and found sources, which continues the filmmaker’s exploration of language, storytelling, and transcendent ways of seeing.

Fajr Lois Patiño.jpg


Lois Patiño

Spain, Morocco / 2016, 12 min


In the Moroccan desert night dilutes forms and silence slides through sand. Dawn starts then to draw silhouettes of dunes while motionless figures punctuate landscape. From night´s abstraction, light returns its dimension to space and their volume to bodies.

Kairos  Stefano Canapa, Elisa Ribes.jpg


Stefano Canapa, Elisa Ribes

France / 2016, 12 min


Shot in enchanting black-and-white 35mm, Elisa Ribes' choreography invites the Mediterranean sea to dance with her.

Sakhisona Prantik Basu.jpg


Prantik Basu

India / 2017,  26 min


Near Mogulmari in the south of West-Bengal in India lies a mountain known locally as Sakhisona. The stories about it are still sung by local musicians. A dig nearby recently uncovered the remains of a monastery as well as 6th-century objects. The film shows the objects unearthed and re-enacts the stories and folklore.

a dad Robert Cambrinus.jpg


Robert Cambrinus

Austria / 2016, 11 min


100 years of Dada is actually no reason to celebrate, if you consider the history of how this most radical of all art movements was appropriated and neutralized. Nevertheless, Robert Cambrinus´ agile homage A DAD today honors the impulse behind the movement´s founding in 1916 in Zurich.

Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder Fern Silva.jpg

Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder

Fern Silva

USA / 2017, 9 min


Fern Silva’s associative 16mm film is at times a portrait of a multigenerational artist community, a meditation on landscape, and a swan song for the idyll of rural America.