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  • Saksahanskoho St, 6
  • Kyiv

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"Give me sound!" – that’s how we can characterize Sound & Vision project, which will be held during 6. Kyiv International Short Film Festival (# KISFF2017). Five very different Ukrainian bands chose one short film from the arsenal of #KISFF, they spent hours in rehearsal bases, creating a whole new sound to each film. What is the reason for all this torment? They are going to present their soundtracks live on April, 20 along with the films!

Last year we decided to make this experiment for the first time, and we liked it, so this year with Hromadske Culture we invite you to the Cinema (and music) House once again.

Among this year's musical formations: YUKO, Ptakh_Jung, LVNA, Son Sovy and a secret guest, which will be announced on the 14th of April.

Film program and details will appear on our website

Tickets are available on Concert.ua (goo.gl/zKzz69), and the owners of festival season tickets will visit the event for free (another reason to buy it).

Large (Red) Hall of Budynock Kino (Cinema House) on April, 20 at 20:00.



Aritz Moreno

Spain / 2013, 7 min


Path. Acute, infectious disease, often epidemic and very serious.

Object Paulina Skibinska.jpeg


Paulina Skibinska

Poland / 2015, 15 min


OBJECT is a creative and abstract image of an underwater search. The action takes place in the dimensions of two worlds - ice desert and underwater. The story is told from the point of view of the rescue team, of the diver entering the underwater all covered by ice, and of the ordinary people awaiting on the shore.

La Testa tra le Nuvole : Absent Minded Roberto Catani.jpg

Absent Minded

Roberto Catani

Italy / 2013, 8 min


A child’s daydream during a school lesson is abruptly interrupted by the teacher. The "instructor” threatens to cut off an ear to his young student to "stimulate" the concentration and prevent further escapes into the realm of imagination.

It’s time for supper         Saki Muramoto.jpg

It’s time for supper

Saki Muramoto

Japan / 2013, 8 min


Playtime ends on the five o'clock chime. And there comes the indefinable time between vanishing playtime and dinner time at home.


In the Distance Florian Grolig.jpg

In the Distance

Florian Grolig

Germany / 2015, 7 min


It's calm and peaceful above the clouds. But in the distance is war, and night by night, chaos advances.