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Vila Antropoff

Kaspar Jancis,Vladimir Leschiov

Estonia, Latvia / 2012, 15 min


Once upon a time, there lived a man who had nothing besides himself. And a dream, a great big dream. But an immense and dangerous sheet of water spread out between him and his dream. The man set out. He arrived at his destination due to his courage and tenacity. But was that what he had been searching for?

Mass of Men Gabriel Gauchet.jpg

Person to Person

Dustin Guy Defa

USA / 2014, 18 min


Waking up the morning after hosting a party, a man discovers a stranger passed out on his floor. He spends the rest of the day trying to convince her to leave.

Mass of Men Gabriel Gauchet.jpg

Mass of Men

Gabriel Gauchet

UK / 2012, 17 min


Richard, an unemployed 55-year-old, arrives 3 minutes late for his appointment at a job centre. An advisor, stifled by the limits of the system she works in, has no choice but to penalise him for his tardiness. To avoid plunging further into destitution, Richard takes desperate measures.

Yes, we love Hallvar Witzo.jpg

Yes, we love

Hallvar Witzo

Norway / 2014, 14 min


Four generations, each with a crisis, set in four different parts of Norway on the Norwegian Independence Day.


Rate me

Fyzal Boulifa

UK / 2015, 17 min


A portrait of teenage escort, 'Coco'.

Theme Park.jpg

Theme Park

Risto-Pekka Blom

Finland / 2015, 5 min


A video about an air-filled figure at the shopping centre.