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Licuri Surf.jpg

Licuri Surf

Guile Martins

Brazil / 2012, 15 min


An adventure through the brazilian coast in the company of an indian surfer, who lives on a beach with no waves.

Suddenly Last Summer Juha Mäki-Jussila.jpg

Suddenly Last Summer

Juha Mäki-Jussila

Finland / 2013, 4 min


Suddenly, Last Summer is an experimental animation based freely on the play of the same title by Tennesee Willams. Some fragments of the original play are restaged frame by frame by new botanical performers. - See more at: http://www.av-arkki.fi/en/works/suddenly-last-summer/#sthash.aTFm5lu8.dpuf

Buck Fever Neozoon Collective.jpg

Buck Fever

Neozoon Collective

Germany, France / 2012, 6 min


This video documents the hunters tension before and after shooting an animal.

Night Soil - Fake Paradise Melanie Bonajo.jpg

Night Soil - Fake Paradise

Melanie Bonajo

USA, Netherlands / 2015, 32 min


Night Soil examines the healing effect of the hallucinatory plant Ayahuasca on modern man's troubled mind. Can Ayahuasca be, for Western civilisation now, what LSD was for the 1960s? How can shamanism, medicinal drugs, sexuality and the return of the feminine be aligned with the narcissism of cyberspace? Can empathy, spirituality, feminism and ecological consciousness enable a healthy future for all living organisms on the planet?

A hidden quiet pocket Shelly Nadashi.jpeg

A hidden quiet pocket

Shelly Nadashi

Belgium / 2014, 20 min


This film presents a dialogue between a masseuse and her wealthy client. Concerned with the potential value of some real-estate she owns, the client asks her masseuse for advice: how much rent could she ask for? While the client revels passively in her position of property owner, the masseuse extracts every detail of the property's high-standing qualities.