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Films are shown with the original audio and Ukrainian and English subtitles.

Canadian animation, with its diversity and award-winning directors is extremely impressive. Cordell Barker, Norman McLaren, Theodore Ushev and many others... This selection offers you an exceptional perspective on history and achievements of Canadian animation. A unique opportunity to see Oscar-awarded Canadian short films on a big screen!

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Bob's Birthday

David Fine & Alison Snowden

Canada / 1993, 12 min


A devoted and happily-married housewife organises a surprise party on the occasion of her husband's birthday, unbeknownst to her that her dentist spouse is experiencing a sudden mid-life crisis at his office.

Special Delivery

Eunice Macaulay & John Weldon

Canada / 1978, 7 min


A hapless husband neglects to clear the icy walk, which leads to the mailman slipping and breaking his neck. A comedy of errors results from his attempts to hide the body.

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The Big Snit.jpg

Every Child

Eugene Fedorenko

Canada / 1979, 7 min


An abandoned baby is repeatedly left on a series of doorsteps in a well to do community, only to be rejected by each in turn until the infant arrives at the one social group that shows any concern and compassion.

The Big Snit

Richard Condie

Canada / 1985, 10 min


A couple have a fight over a scrabble game unaware that a full scale nuclear war has started.

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The Sand Castle.jpg

The Cat Came Back

Cordell Barker

Canada / 1988, 8 min


A pesky yellow cat becomes the bane of Mr. Johnson's life as it constantly outsmarts his increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of it.

The Sand Castle

Co Hoedeman

Canada / 1977, 14 min


On a sandy desert, a man made of sand constructs other sand creatures to help make a beautiful sand castle for themselves.



Norman McLaren

Canada / 1952, 9 min


A surreal story of two neighbours' destructive feud over a flower.


Chris Landreth

Canada / 2004, 14 min


The movie talks about the life of Ryan Larkin, a gifted Canadian animator of the late '60s and the early '70s.