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Films are shown with the original audio and English subtitles (without Ukrainian subtitles).

doomed way.jpg

The Doomed Way

Sanpi Guo

China / 2016, 29 min


A truck driver, his boss, and a restaurant owner—the lives of these three men are fatefully entwined. Liang is the breadwinner of his family by transporting coal. He works hard to raise his wife and daughter, and also to pay his debt.


Commodity City

Jessica Kingdon

China, USA / 2017, 11 min


The Yiwu Markets in China is the largest wholesale consumer market in the world, where every commodity imaginable is for sale.

I have nothing to say 2.jpg


Ying Liang

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong / 2017, 25 min


This is how a Chinese mother is made...

crosing river.jpg


Han Yumeng

China / 2017, 20 min


Over the course of an ordinary day, a young Chinese construction worker deals with isolation and loneliness all the while searching for something meaningful to hold on to.

Life Smartphone

Cheng Lin Xie

China / 2015, 3 min


Smartphones have become our constant companions. Selfie here, selfie there. It can all end fatally.