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Films are shown with the original audio and Ukrainian and English subtitles.

Youthquake /ˈjuːθkweɪk/


A significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.

J'attends Jupiter_04.jpg

Waiting for Jupiter

Agathe Riedinger

France / 2017, 23 min


Liane, a 21-year-old girl, has just learnt that she was cast to be part of a reality TV show. Certain that her life will finally start, she burns everything surrounding her to embrace this long-awaited shake-up.


The Hunger

Kenneth Karlstad

Norway / 2017, 20 min


An expressive suburban gothic tale which enters the mindset of a teenager and explores the phenomenon of sensation seeking at a young age.



Keith Deligero

Philippines / 2017, 20 min


In a time before mobile phones, postmodern Erinyes come to Barangay Babylonia in order to kill a local dictator. A tricky job, one that causes several fatalities in the process. Strange things occur in this far-off land.

After School Knife Fight.jpg

After School Knife Fight

Jonatan Vinel & Caroline Poggi

France / 2017, 21 min


Laëtitia, Roca, Nico and Naël are in a band. As per usual, they meet late afternoon before rehearsal in a vacant lot. The group will soon no longer exist; they will be forced to disband because Laetitia is moving away to study. This is the story of four young adults who do not want to say good-bye.