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Films are shown with the original audio and English subtitles (without Ukrainian subtitles). 

Everyone wants to be not like everyone else. Especially in childhood, especially when one thinks that everything around is against. But is it possible without the support of the closest people, as one can share his or her oddities only with the loved ones.

Films from the KISFF for Kids program are about friendship which supports and inspires, as well as about the aspiration to be yourself, in spite of all the obstacles.

DAM! The story of Kit the Beaver.jpg


Pieter Coudyzer

Belgium / 2016, 6 min


A small ladybug has a great ambition: it wants to reach the sky.

DAM! The story of Kit the Beaver

Kjell Boersma

Canada / 2017, 13 min


Kit, the eager beaver, embarks on an odyssey through four seasons in a Canadian forest where she learns about compassion, failure, survival and community. DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver features an original score from Erica Procunier, performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.



Evan DeRushie

Canada / 2017, 11 min


Birdlime is the name for a sticky substance, usually made from holly bark or mistletoe, which is spread on branches to trap wild birds. The film observes one bird who barely manages to escape this industry, yet remains trapped in a cage and surrounded by unfamiliar sounds and un-birdlike creatures.


Marlies van der Wel

Netherlands / 2016, 3 min


Sabaku and his buffalo buddy don't need big words to understand one another. Alas when his good-natured companion keels over in the savannah sun one day, Sabaku must find a new friend – after all, who wants to travel through this world all alone?

Two trams.jpg

Two Trams

Svetlana Andrianova

Russia / 2016, 10 min


Each day, the young tram makes its rounds with the older tram along the network of streets. But one day his old teacher is missing – and the young tram searches feverishly around the whole city. Will they get to enjoy a last ride together?


Adam Marko-Nord

Sweden / 2016, 9 min


A flying hippo on a quest to find the nearest pond. A fish behind the wheel, fleeing from a shark. A little koala who wants to hop like the kangaroos, and a raucous mob of elephants throwing a party – which drives the monkeys up the wall.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar 2.jpg

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

Lena von Döhren

Switzerland / 2017, 5 min


The little bird has plenty of peace and quiet high up in its tree, at least until an unexpected guest shows up. The brash caterpillar’s keen on devouring the green leaves that the little bird has cared for so tenderly. During the ensuing showdown, the two fail to notice that someone else is hard on their heels, and this character’s craving a more savoury snack.


Sara Litzenberger

US / 2017, 3 min


Sasquatch has always remained elusive in photos - but not for the reasons we think.