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  • Kyiv
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Films are shown with the original audio and Ukrainian and English subtitles.

Bang. Spark. Youthquake.
Hey, turn up the music!

Teachers put pressure on you. Parents just refuse to understand you. But you should remember that adolescence is full of tenderness, yet full of cruelty, (un)intentional self-destruction, strong affections. Doubt, never stop, try to find your own voice.
Just keep saying 'We are never getting older'.

Curator: Sasha Prokopenko

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Louis Aubert

France / 2017, 15 min


Like his idol Usain Bolt, he dreams of running. But Djal is sixteen.

808 Ink


UK / 2017, 4 min


The films portrays a South London music collective, 808INK.


Locker Room

Greta Nash

Australia / 2017, 14 min


A teenage girl discovers her male friends’ secret group chat, forcing her to question her friendship with them.

Dancing Girls

Zeynep Köprülü

Turkey / 2018, 15 min


In a summer town, two best friends wake up to their last day together as one of them is moving abroad.



Sven Bresser

the Netherlands / 2016, 23 min


Kai is desperately trying to win back his best friend. He slowly loses control and makes a decision that will change his life forever.