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Films are shown with the original audio and Ukrainian and English subtitles.

At home. In my bed, flicker, turn the TV off, baby, baby, kiss, kiss. Kiss, worms, teeth, under my bed. Call me. Turn the TV off, citation. Breasts, milk, fries, red, white. Citation: Kitty, suck, drink. How does the quotation run? Worms don’t belong in my sink, scream. Soap, bathtub, wash that filthy mouth. You could drown, you know? Turn the TV off! Feed me. Flicker. That’s no bat, mother, all my milk is gone. Have some candy. Turn the TV off.

dont tell mom.jpg


Justin Harding, Rob Brunner

Canada / 2017, 17 min


An obsessive choreographer on a creative retreat with her toddler awakens a fairy corpse with disturbing intentions.

Don't Tell Mom

Sawako Kabuki

Japan / 2015, 3 min


A nocturnal education film, designed to help children develop their emotions and expressions as well as language and physical skills by enjoying singing and exercising with a big brother.

Sweet Tooth Nico van den Brink.jpg
bye bye.jpg

Sweet Tooth

Nico van den Brink

Netherlands / 2017, 5 min


Elin's upstairs neighbours are getting on her nerves.

Bye Bye Baby

Pablo S. Pastor

Spain / 2017, 15 min


With a marriage on the brink of failure and a 2-year-old baby giving them second thoughts, this millennial couple go on a journey to sell their kid on the black market in hopes of a re-do and a second shot at freedom.

Tuck Me In.jpg
Neck and Neck_002.jpg

Tuck Me In

Ignacio F. Rodó

 Spain / 2014,  1 min


Alex asks his father to tuck him in, but that's not the only thing he asks for.

Neck and Neck

Shaun Clark

UK / 2016, 5 min


In the marital bed the surreal sensuality enveloping Othello and Desdemona is disturbed by a dangling telephone. As the phone pours poison into Othello’s mind he transforms into a different entity with detrimental consequences for Desdemona.

Real Gods Require.jpg
Nothing a lil soap and water can't fix.png

Real Gods Require Blood

Moin Hussain

UK / 2017, 20 min


Manchester, 1990. Alice is roped into babysitting for her neighbour, whose children claim to feed a nightly visitor from Hell.

Nothing a lil soap and water can't fix

Jennifer Proctor

USA / 2017, 9 min


In films, as in life, the bathtub is often considered a private space for women - a place not only to groom, but to relax, to think, to grieve, to be alone, to find sanctuary...