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Ukrainian competition at KISFF is an impressive collection of films made by most enduring Ukrainian filmmakers. Some of them have been shooting films for years. Now they can improvise a master-course on how to deal with panic, burnout or depression.

These days the absurd circumstances of Ukrainian filmmaking have no limits. The Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency is hunted for his love for independent cinema. The Government is planning to spend 18 million dollars on production of patriotic films. Film crew has spent a year preparing production of the next film. They are yet to know that tomorrow the pitch for the national funding will be canceled. Have we suddenly became trapped in a children active game, in which we, blindfolded, run in circles.

Ukrainian competition at KISFF is devoted to fire-proof Ukrainian filmmakers who manage to stand strong in the face of this absurdity.

"Burn, burn brightly when there is still fire"



Yura Katynsky

Ukraine / 2017, 19 min


The guy comes back to his native town, where he meets some old friends. They have a good time together. By the end of the day they decide to continue this "meeting". They jump into a car with a stranger, whose motives are unknown. Such a spontaneous decision turns out to be a chance to become closer to each other and go on a journey of self-discovery.


Tomorrow you’ll definitely get better

Stanislav Bytiutskyi

Ukraine / 2017, 21 min


Only traveling allows us to see the world from the new perspective. Only in a strange city can we understand ourselves and the world around us better. Only in a strange apartment can we feel like the real adventure seekers. And one needs not that much for the latter - just a good company, unexpected illness and terrible weather outside.


Who You Are. Who Am I. from a scientific point of view

Ania Kalinichenko

Ukraine / 2016, 25 min


He came here, because he simply needed a place to stay. From Lugansk, through Crimea to Kyiv. Then he moved, because we could not live together. Neither could we find a common language. We are different. But have we ever tried to understand each other?



Novruz Hikmet

Ukraine / 2017, 15 min


Another visit to the doctor happens to be unsuccessful for Maria. Her marriage is on the verge of destruction. Deceiving her husband, she gradually realizes that she lives in a lie, and increasingly retreats into herself to look for forgotten answers.