• Kyiv cinema, Red hall (map)
  • Velyka Vasylkivska St, 19

A fox drawing a mysterious image. A tiger which is now extinct, pacing around in its cage. Rocks falling to the sound of the pumping bass. A wooden rod that tells the way. Will we dare to jump?

Q&A after the screening

Stick Climbing Daniel Zimmermann.jpg

Stick Climbing

Daniel Zimmermann

Austria, Switzerland / 2010, 14 min

A contemplative walk leads to a bizarre climbing tour. From the perspective of the climber we experience a seemingly impossible ascent.

Symphony No. 42 Réka Bucsi.jpg

Symphony No. 42

Réka Bucsi

Hungary / 2010, 10 min

Forty-seven brief but vivid vignettes about the paradoxical nature of our world, seamlessly intertwine perplexing scenes of poetical absurdism with the ironic, the grotesque, and the beautiful.

Le Tigre de Tasmanie Vergine Keaton.jpg

Le Tigre de Tasmanie

Vergine Keaton

France / 2018, 14 min

A Tasmanian tiger wanders around in his zoo enclosure. A glacier is slowly melting. Facing its predicted disappearance, nature exerts its fury, bursts over the frame and resists its extinction by transformation.

Step by Step Ossama Mohammed.jpg

Step by Step

Ossama Mohammed

Syria / 1978, 23 min

In a rolling area of Syria, the villagers live their everyday life, in toil and poverty. Trapped between the hardships of farming, religious and political ideologies, they barely survive. Their children are the only ones that are still full of hope. They imagine their future lives and picture themselves as doctors or engineers.



Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck

Sweden / 2016, 17 min

On a 10-meter high diving tower, fear of taking the jump is pitted against the personal loss that would arise if you didn't dare. What do we look like when we hesitate and when we make a decision? What does it look like when we overcome our fear?


Jacqueline Lentzou

Greece / 2017, 11 min

In Jay’s dream, Athens’ sun is so weak, you can look straight at it, without getting blind.