• Kyiv cinema, Blue hall (map)
  • Velyka Vasylkivska St, 19

The fall of the Berlin Wall – a turning point. An event which has marked and inspired generations, changed history – its aftermath can still be felt today. But the question remains: how do we look at each other? What effect do borders have on us? And how can we reclaim the space that is ours?

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NEW WAGAH Supriyo Sen.jpg


Supriyo Sen

Germany / 2009, 13 min

Each night the only border crossing between India and Pakistan on a 1000km stretch becomes the sight of an extraordinary event. Thousands of people gather to witness the ritual closing of the border, after which the masses get as close as possible to the gate to greet their former neighbors. This "festival" is therefore on the one hand a celebration of the partition, but on the other hand also the only connecting element. What do the terms separation, home and proximity mean to the people on both sides?

FLAG MOUNTAIN John Smith.jpg

Flag Mountain

John Smith

UK / 2010, 8 min

A view across the border in Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus. The camera looks over the rooftops of the Greek Cypriot south to the mountains of the Turkish Republic in the north, where a display of nationalism is enhanced by filmic means.

489 Years Hayoun Kwon.jpg

489 Years

Hayoun Kwon

France / 2016, 11 min

489 Years shows an animated landscape of the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, based on the narration of a former soldier who had entered the DMZ­–one of the most dangerous and heavily armed places in the world.

NEW SYMBOLIC THREATS Leinkauf  Henke  Wermke.jpg

Symbolic Threats

Mischa Leinkauf, Matthias Wermke, Lutz Henke

Germany / 2015, 15 min

On the night of 22 July 2014, two filmmakers hoist two white American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. They take the US flags down and fold them in the prescribed orderly fashion. Poetry or threat? An act of surrender or perhaps art? What happens when threatened freedom reinstates art with the element of danger? Who or what makes it into a threat?

EIN-BLICK Gerd Conradt.jpg


Gerd Conradt

Germany / 1986, 10 min

A film camera looks back and forth between a house in West Berlin and a house in East Berlin for twelve hours, taking one picture a second. The Wall runs between the two houses.

CYCLING THE FRAME Cythia Beatt.jpg

Cycling the Frame

Cynthia Beatt

Germany / 1988, 28 min

This is a short film about the Berlin Wall back in 1988 when West Berlin was still an isolated fiefdom of the capitalist west, located 125 miles behind the Iron Curtain in communist eastern Europe. The film follows a young girl and her thoughts as she circumnavigates West Berlin alongside the 96 mile long, iconic, symbol of the cold war.