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How it feels for two wives to live under the same roof? What is poligamy about? How not to get lost in chaotic streets of Dakar? What can you find in its landfill? And why do Africans need wise men? And after all: is life in Senegal so different from ours?

Q&A after the screening


Xale bu Reer

d’Abdou Kharid Ndiaye

Senegal / 2017, 19 min

A young boy from an affluent family has the experience of a lifetime after his first day of school. When his father does not come to pick him up, he simply walks off. He gets lost and wanders without direction through the noise and chaos of a poverty-stricken metropolis. Unexpectedly, the boy receives help from an old scrap metal collector and a gang of street children. A striking portrait of Dakar, with elements of a fairytale.


Ordur de Momar

Talla Kandji

Senegal / 2018, 15 min

The life of a debt collector Kader turns upside down when he loses a bag full of money. The bag belongs to his boss. While looking for the lost possession, he discovers a huge Dakar landfill, Mbeubeuss. In this dramatic and somehow enchanted place, Kader meets Gnilane, a scavenger who tries to recycle the trash.

Ma coepouse bien-aimée Photo5.jpg

Un air de Kora

d’Angèle Diabang

Senegal / 2015, 26 min

Two new co-wives are alone in a house. They don’t want to talk to each other; at the same time, the voices of two other women tell us about their own experiences of polygamy. This film is an essay that mixes visual elements of fiction and documentary sound excerpts.

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Boxing Girl

Iman Djionne

Senegal / 2016, 25 min

After getting hit by a motorbike, Adama, a bored 17-year-old hairdresser, finds boxing gloves. But when she puts them on, she gets mysteriously carried away on a journey all over the city of Dakar. Mentally and physically put to the test, she will have to fight her demons to face the ultimate fight…