• Kyiv cinema, Blue hall (map)
  • 19 Velyka Vasylkivska Street
  • Kyiv, 02000
  • Ukraine

Q&A after the screening

Mr. Mare Luca Toth.jpg

Mr. Mare

Luca Toth

Hungary, France / 2019, 20 min

Fifty-year-old Boris, balding and big-bellied, is madly in love with the young and beautiful Cezar. He leads a clandestine life entirely devoted to he who is both his progenitor and the object of his affection. Everything shifts dramatically the day when Cezar, who is unaware of Boris's existence, brings a woman back to their love nest.



Maxime Beaud, Louis Hans-Moevi

Switzerland / 2018, 9 min

In the isolation of a Brazilian motel room, men and women talk about their sexuality in a society where they do not always have access to their privacy.

The Sound of Falling Chien Yu Lin.jpg

The Sound of Falling

Chien Yu Lin

UK, Columbia, Taiwan / 2018, 13 min

An impressionistic film portraying the lost of freedom and the fading of life through a decision an orchardist made in his ordinary day.


August Aabo

Denmark / 2019, 29 min

A young woman must, through life & death, dream & reality and sorrow & joy choose between a big bag of money and the memory of her deceased friend. Tears and sorrow don’t affect her in her awaken life, and she must find out why she cannot cry in reality, but only in her dreams.


Deep Love

Mykyta Lyskov

Ukraine / 2019, 13 min

Deep love has finally happened in Ukraine