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What is the story behind a rapid pulse, echoing the music beat? The survival alert. The adrenaline rush. Anger. Confusion. Arousal. Or maybe the reason is the eyes of the beloved person gazing at you.
Embrace your feelings. Every emotion is valid and must be experienced. Believe it. And enjoy yourself dancing.


Skies are not just blue

Lysandre Cosse-Tremblay

Canada / 2018, 26 min

Yara, A. and brothers Monib & Tariq claim their identities as Muslims from diverse backgrounds by negotiating a space in the LGBTQ+ community and reflecting on their personal beliefs and experiences.


Four Quartets

Marco Alessi

UK / 2018, 11 min

Over the course of a night out in a queer club, Raf struggles to find his place among the crowd. Moving to the film’s rhythmic pulse and the intoxicating music in the queer club, we dance with Raf and cast off all inhibitions.


Yulia & Juliet

Zara Dwinger

Netherlands / 2018, 12 min

Yulia & Juliet is contemporary love story based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Yulia and Juliet, both 16, are locked up in a closed juvenile detention centre. Despite their circumstances, they feel like they can take on anything together. They’re in love with each other. Nothing can hurt them when they’re together. But then Juliet is released. Her time in the institution is over. Yulia doesn’t know what to do. She can’t live without Juliet. When they see each other again, they look at each other with love in their eyes. Then everything goes black.


Welcome to the Ball

Adam Vincent Wright

USA / 2018, 5 min

A child learns sign language in hopes of making a new friend.



Joseph Amenta

Canada / 2018, 15 min

A displaced queer boy finds refuge in his city's underground Kiki Ballroom scene.

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Jérome Casanova

France / 2018, 26 min

Johnny is an alchoolic, Johnny is fatalistic, Johnny is tormented, Johnny isn’t able to behave, Johnny is impetuous, Johnny is moody, Johnny believes in nothing, Johnny is footloose, Johnny isn’t brave. But Aurélien doesn’t care because first and foremost Johnny is radiant.