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It is a competition program of short films telling the stories of ordinary people who were able to change their lives and discover their potential.

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Dana Masliuk

Ukraine / 2019, 7 min

There is a lot of people in the world, and someone who is important for you will definitely be by your side," Zhenya says. He is 20 years old, he lives in Kyiv and finds creative relief in writing. Zhenya also has cerebral palsy because of a small mistake made while at childbirth. Zhenya can easily tell what despair is. Besides, he is great at making potato dishes and has a very contagious laugh. Well, he can tell his story by himself.

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Star for Anton

Kateryna Strelchenko

Ukraine / 2018, 6 min

Anton Dubishin is a "special" guy, as he calls himself. He has a severe genetic disorder, spinal muscular atrophy, which leaves him no opportunity for a fulfilling life: he cannot move and depends on others completely. His life is a daily, every-minute struggle.
But Anton keeps his tail up, as he wants to do good for society. He constantly proves that disability is not a doom: he collects help and passes it to the militia, visits military hospitals, investigative insulators, drug treatment centers, schools, and cultural centers. He dreams that the attitude towards people with special needs in our country will change. His motto is "No obstacle is invincible." Sometimes, at sleepless nights, he looks to the sky and sees the one and only star. It is special for him because opens new worlds before him, where there is no place for desolation and despair.

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New Max’s Heart

Orest Smilyanets

Ukraine / 2019, 3 min

In the summer of 2016, a Ukrainian Maksym Grekov went through a heart transplantation surgery in Minsk. How did his life change? To tell about it, we made a mini-movie.



Dmytro Dzhulay

Ukraine / 2019, 8 min

He survived Holodomor famine, World War II, and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Eight years ago, he lost his wife with whom he had lived for half a century. He is on his own, but he does not give up.


Bubble Wrap

Nikita Kozlov

Ukraine / 2019, 4 min

The story of a girl bumping into walls

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People's Museum of Avdiivka

Piotr Armianovski

Ukraine / 2018, 6 min

There is a People’s museum in Eastern Ukrainian city Avdiivka. Its father is a coal-factory, its brother is an alcoholic. The museum likes fresh air and brings people together. It dreamed to prevent a war over the whole world, but couldn't save even the closest ones. However, people of Avdiivka make museum again – a place where the strangest ideas come to life.

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The Reason

Anton Shynkarenko

Ukraine / 2019, 3 min

Paralympic swimmer break through all circumstances on the way to medals.

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High on board

Daria Mitiuk

France / 2017, 11 min

Being a bipolar, is it possible to pass the limits posed by the illness and reach your dream?

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Where is the lymph?

Oleksander Yevtushenko

Ukraine / 2018, 9 min

The story of a blind 13-year-old boy who fell in love with the heroine of the movie Amelie. His thoughts are constantly about hеr, wherever he is. He constantly sends her letters, but has not yet received a response.

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For Those Over 60

Kyrylo Korol

Ukraine / 2019, 11 min

An old man Andriy accepts a challenge on the path to meet his lovely granddaughter again.



Oleh Sydoryaka

Ukraine / 2019, 15 min

The plot is based on the story about a girl, who, having failed in art-projects gets a job in leading law firm. She by all the means tries to fit in new cruel and tough world of business, to achieve a fast success by following advices of quirky development coach. However her illusions of quick success are broken, she faces meanness and guile, and has to choose - to accept her defeat or at last to take responsibility for her own life.


A Strong Beat

Oleksandr Portian

Ukraine / 2018, 14 min

For Julia Landau from Slavutych an organ is a space where she can travel infinitely. To go this route, she is ready to go to music school in Kyiv and rehearse in the church through the whole night before a concert. Thanks to Julia in Slavutych now also is an organ. But not everyone is ready for such music.

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Vlad Zinovyev

Ukraine / 2019, 3 min

There is no limitations of human being for moving.


Hurry to live

Timur Gorenich

Ukraine / 2018, 3 min

Hurry to live. Motivational film. The story of a guy who lost his hand and got out of depression, who was able to change his life with the help of willpower and sport. The story of the man who ran the marophones, finished on the hurdles and became a professional coach and a famous athlete, without having his hands.


Through the Darkness

Heorhii Herasymiuk

Ukraine / 2019, 15 min

Oleksandr is a cheerful young father and husband who cares his family. Soon he experiences the eye injury, which forces doctors to conclude that he will get blind without recovery. However, Oleksandr fails to accept the diagnosis and doesn’t give up.


A Dream

Anton Shyrokov

Ukraine / 2019, 11 min

Young woman tries to devote her time for a lifelong passion despite of the problems and everyday routine. The society and personal insecurities demand to choose stability over desires.

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Second Life

Andrii Statev

Ukraine / 2019, 4 min

Oleksandr Maisternko is a car painter whose life is miserable. The job with harmful working conditions, addictions, and problems in family surround him every day. Once Oleksandr realizes that such life is his personal choice, he decides to drastically change everything.


Denys Shymanskiy

Anton Vanchak

Ukraine / 2019, 5 min

Denys is a sculptor who tries to do his favorite thing, passing difficult parts of his job and overcoming difficulties. He tells of his way to becoming a sculptor, an attitude to art and reflects on the meaning of life