22 april



This block is not sponsored by the Russian government, it isn’t a part of the information war, this event is not a provocation, an act of extremism or a call for separatism. It should be considered as a selection of interesting animated short films that, out of objective or subjective reasons, have recently become surprisingly popular among western festivals. For instance, the film “Why the banana snarls?” took part in last year’s Berlinale competition programme and “Warm Snow” participated in the festivals of Stuttgart and Krakow.


Warm Snow
Elshansky Ira
Russia / 2015, 5 min

The story of a relationship between a father and his grown up daughter. They are both sitting at the kitchen table. The daughter is waiting for her food to get warm and is annoyed by her father's questions.

Very lonely cock.jpg

Ohen' Odinokiy Petux
Leonid Shmelkov
Russia / 2015, 6 min

It's been a hard day for the very lonely rooster. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.


Pro mamu
Dina Velikovskaya
Russia / 2015, 7 min

This story is about a mother who has given so much that it looks like she has nothing left... but life opens up new opportunities.

banana snarls.jpg

Pochemy Banan Ogryzayetsya
Razgulyayeva Svetlana
Russia / 2015, 10 min

An unlucky fellow who dreams of seas and ships while working as an advertising banana, suddenly discovers he has a tail...


The Other Shores
Vasiliy Chirkov
Russia / 2014, 7 min

Lyrical notes from a voyage to other shores.

Benches №0458
Ivan Maximov
Russia / 2015, 7 min

Film about sitting on the benches.

The Hen
Vasil Bedoshvili
Russia / 2014, 7 min

A comic allegory about a silly hen whose desire to live footloose and fancy free collides with her inborn sense of goodness and motherhood. In the finale, our heroine becomes a mother with no shortage of youngsters.