Short Film School has already become a tradition of the #KISFF Film Festival that is annually hold together with the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. Its program comprises lectures, master classes, case studies and retrospectives of international professionals and Ukrainian specialists of international level, who received education at top film universities of the world. They hold awards and favours of iconic industrial units and possess experience in various fields of film production.  

Under focus of the Short Film School at #KISFF2017 – film education and festival distribution, scriptwriting and international coproducing. The audience will be able to learn first-hand the secret of Hungarian animation's glory and to drink coffee with a film critic, they also will know the enrollment requirements of the best European film schools.

Within the #KISFF Short Film School, there is an annual Short Doctoring as well. It is an educational program aiming to help Ukrainian film directors to implement their ideas and projects at the design phase to the fullest and providing consultations from lead experts.

Short Film School will take place on April 19-22. All events are free upon condition of previous registration. Seats are limited.


#KISFFPRO Coordinator:

Bogdan Altynnik